Show #31:

Signaling to ^the cipher^ towards a segway

Curated by Jesse David Penridge 


Opening: May 5th, 6-8pm

Dates: May 5th- June 11th, 2016


Austin Ballard, Rory Baron, Sarah E. Brook, Pat Byrne, Abigail Collins, Sean Dustan-Halliday, Carla Edwards, MaDora Frey, Tricia Keightley, Myeongsoo Kim, Alison Kudlow, Mary NaRee Laube, Jessica Rose Vala



Show #31:

Online Exhibition

Curated by Jesse David Penridge

and Field Projects Panel


Nikki Arendt / American Artist / Amna Asghar / Emmy Bright / Amy Cousins / John Deamond / Taylor Ervin / Paul Gagner / Vanessa Gully-Santiago / Garrett Hayes / Ketta Ioannidou / Matthew Jensen / Ambre Kelly / Jac Lahav / Amy Pryor / Willie Wayne Smith / Chad Stayrook



As part of


Rachel Frank (Curator) and Ellie Krakow (Artists) discuss Fragmentation with Sarah Madole, Fragmentist and Professor of Art History at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, NYC

PART I: with Rachel Frank and Sarah Madole

PART II: with Ellie Krakow and Sarah Madole