Show #42:

String Theories

Curated by Charlotte Mouquin


Opening: June 29th, 6-8pm

Dates: June 29th - July 29th, 2017



Angelica Bergamini, Charlie Jo Crowell, Katie DeGroot, Eileen Ferara, Tessa Grundon, Jennifer Maria Harris, Noelle King, Aya Ogasawara, Kay Reese, Adie Russell, Ron Saunders, MJ Tyson





Online Exhibition

With work selected by Charlotte Mouquin and Field Projects Panel. 


Recent Exhibitions


Show #41:

Utopia planitia

Curated by Kylin O'Brien

Opening: May 11th, 6-8pm

Dates: May 11th - June 17th, 2017

Featuring: Best Praxis, Bon Jane, Aimee Cavazzi, Jennifer Coates, Cara Cragan, Carmen Delaney, Corey Escoto, Clarity Haynes, David Humphrey, Jason Clay Lewis, LoVid, Carolanne Patterson & Jonathan Schipper





  • All types of exhibitions are welcome: Group, Solo, 2 person, 3 person, etc.  
  • All art disciplines are welcome: painting, sculpture, new media, audio, film, etc
  • We except submission on a ongoing basis. 
  • We meet 3 times a year to look over the proposals and pick out shows. 
  • We schedule exhibition a year in advance. 
  • We are looking for conceptually rigorous projects, and themes that are innovative, challenging, and engaging.


Gallery Gender and Ethnic Statistics.

In an effort to be aware of our role in an art world that is inclusive and transparent we have created gender charts of artists and curators who have shown with us from 2011 to the present and starting from January 2017 a self-identified ethnicity chart of artists and curators.

Our hope is that these charts will keep us and our community aware of the issues of inequality within us and around us. And give us all agency to do something about it.


shows we want to see!

TRY TO SMOKE IT: curated by Holly Coulis


Harriet Salmon


Surface Are


 Liminal Focus

curated by Jesse Penridge


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