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Current Exhibition


Show 61:

Jessica Campbell

A Beautiful Woman Eating a Spinach and Artichoke Dip Quesadilla

Curated by Jacob Rhodes


Opening reception: Sep 12th, 6-8

Dates: Sep 12th - Oct 26th, 2019



Selected by curators Tess Schwab, Rachel Frank, Kristen Racaniello Jacob Rhodes, Muriel Urquhart.

Featuring: Paul Anagnostopoulos, Destiny Belgrave, Julia Blume, Emily Endo, Lannie Hart, Diane Hoffman, Genesis Jerez, Lola Katan, Steph Kunze, Marlon Lainez, Marc Librizzi, Farrell Mason- Brown, Sara Meghdari, Ilya Popenko, Kristina Schmidt, Eunjung Suh, Jonathan Torres, Tsailing Tseng


current off-site exhibition

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 3.51.00 PM.jpg



Curated by April Zhu & Jacob Rhodes

OPENING RECEPTION: October 5th, 6-9

Dates: Oct 5 - Nov 9, 2019

Corinne Beardsley⁠
Ian Clyde⁠
Sam Crohn⁠
Amelia Frank⁠
Ray Hwang⁠
Adam Mele⁠
Miller Opie⁠
Bahar Sabzevari⁠
Jonathan Torres⁠
Harris Wright⁠
Brian Zimbler⁠


Recent off-site exhibition



Field Projects presents @ C24 Gallery:


Curated by Rachel Frank, Kristen Racaniello, and Jacob Rhodes

CLOSING RECEPTION: Thur, Sep 19th 6-8


Alex Sewell, Alison Kudlow, Amanda Konishi, Amanda Nedham, Amy Khoshbin, Anastasiya Tarasenko, Angelica Bergamini, Aparna Sarkar, Brian Willmont, Caroline Wells Chandler, Colin Radcliffe, Connie Zheng, Corinna Ray, Dexter Ciprian, Emilie Stark-Menneg, Eric LoPresti, Erica Magrey, Erika Lynne Hanson, Esther Ruiz, Hilary Doyle, Hilary Irons, Jennifer May Reiland, Joell Baxter, Joiri Minaya, Julia Oldham, Karen Lederer, Katarina Riesing, Kelli Thompson, Keri Oldham, Kimia Ferdowsi Kline, Lisa Schilling, Loren Britton, Mark Zubrovich, McKendree Key & Cynthia Alberto, Padma Rajendran, Paul Gagner, Rachel Frank, Rachel Garber Cole, Rachel Schmidhofer, Robin Kang, Rose Nestler, Sahana Ramakrishna, Sarah Alice Moran, Stella Ebner, Stephanie J. Wood, Susan Metrican, Valery Jung Estabrook, Vanessa Albury, Zorawar Sidhu

Dates: July 11th - Sep 23rd, 2019

@ C24 Gallery

560 W 24th Street, New York, NY 10011


Off-site exhibition

Forced collaboration: couples edition

Curated by Jacob Rhodes

Featuring Collaborations between:

Caroline Wells Chandler & Manal Abu-Shaheen

McKendree Keys & Shaun Leonardo & Anaís McKendree Leonardo

Maureen Drennan & Paul Gagner

Amanda Nedham & Kyle Hittmeier

Lisa Schilling & Eric LoPresti

Harriet Salmon & Jesse David Penridge

Jac Lahav & Nora Lynn

opening: June 15th 3pm - 5pm

dates: June 15- Sep 13


42 social club 

42 Gungy Rd., Lyme, CT 06371


Recent Exhibitions


Curated by Tess Schwab

Opening Reception: Thursday, August 8th, 6-8pm

Dates: August 8th - 31st, 2019


Jacob Banholzer, Corinne Beardsley, Dorielle Caimi, Alexander Churchill, Alexandra Evans, Mark Mann, Seren Morey, Chris Musina, Stacey Rowe, Benjamin Siekierski






Loren Britton

Rachel Frank

Paul Gagner

Karen Lederer

Sarah Alice Moran





Deadline: Dec, 14th 11:59pm

All submissions will be considered for

  • The Winter Exhibition

  • The Online Exhibition

  • Solo Exhibitions at Field Projects

  • Group Exhibitions at Field Projects

  • Art Fairs

  • Off Site Exhibitions

  • Featured in Field Magazine

  • Featured on our Social Media

  • Our Studio Visit program for NYC artists



  • All types of exhibitions are welcome: Group, Solo, 2 person, 3 person, etc.

  • All art disciplines are welcome: painting, sculpture, new media, audio, film, etc

  • We accept submission on an ongoing basis.

  • We meet 3 times a year to look over the proposals and pick out shows.

  • We schedule exhibition a year in advance.

  • We are looking for conceptually rigorous projects, and themes that are innovative, challenging, and engaging.


Gallery News


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Field Magazine

Issue 3


Ashleigh Deosaran on Marlon Griffith

Jen Schwarting interviews Courtney Puckett

Kristen Racaniello on Auto(Arto)phasia

Artist Project by Louis Cameron

Personal History by Tom Brauer

Comics by Aharon Levy

Milkmade curated by Mikela Wesson



Copies are available at Field Projects, Chelsea



Gallery Gender and Ethnic Statistics.

In an effort to be aware of our role in an art world that is inclusive and transparent we have created gender charts of artists and curators who have shown with us from 2011 to the present and starting from January 2017 a self-identified ethnicity chart of artists and curators.

Our hope is that these charts will keep us and our community aware of the issues of inequality within us and around us. And give us all agency to do something about it.


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