Loren Britton: Against Mastery


In 2012, Loren Britton (who uses they/them pronouns) joined FieldProjects as an intern while finishing their BFA degree in painting. Britton quickly proved to be a vital contributor to the artist-run gallery, demonstrating a critical eye and a penchant for challenging norms—all before heading off to Yale University School of Art for graduate school.

At Yale, Britton furthered their explorations in craft materials, abstract languages, and collective curating, co-curating research-driven exhibitions that champion the work of queer artists. At the same time, Britton’s visual practice shifted between dimensions, from painting and drawing to sculpture and back again. In 2017, they moved to Germany and are now splitting their time between the cities of Kassel and Berlin.

We met inside SECOND DATE—Britton’s second solo exhibition with FieldProjects—to talk about their recent work and plans to bring FieldProjects’ curatorial mission to Germany.