Forced Collaboration II


May 10 – June 28, 2014
Curated by Jacob Rhodes 

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 10, 5-8pm

Featured artists: Chris Bors, Daniel Boz, Kerry Cox, Ilana Harris-Babou, Oliver Herring, David Humphrey, Bridget Mullen, Mariah Robertson, Mandolyn Wilson Rosen, J.R. Uretsky, Mark Starling and Jen Schwarting. Collaborations will be disclosed at the opening reception.

This exhibition pairs twelve artists with wildly different practices resulting in twelve blind collaborations. The artists are strangers to each other, selected by the curator (Jacob Rhodes) to exchange a finished work and to re-create that work by forcing themselves on it in any way they please. No preconceptions stain their attempts; no obligations of friendship or acquaintance constrain what they can or cannot do.

In the highly competitive contemporary art world, both success and failure are continually on display and are often signaled by proximity to known successes or failures. A single group show with a known success can make a career. An unfortunate collaboration can break it.

Our novel form of interaction raises questions about the nature of collaboration and competition, success and failure. Is competition inherent in collaboration? Will the artists move toward unity and resolution, merging opposed disciplines, practices, and aesthetic sensibilities, or will they subjugate and corrupt the other artist’s work? And which would be best for each artist? Should they trust the other artist to treat their work in a collaborative way or should they forcibly impose their vision of how the other artist’s work ought to be?

Join us Saturday, May 10th, 5-8 to watch the artists meet for the first time and react to what has been done to their work!