Show #15:
Four Lives

Curated by Keri Oldham

Opening: Sept. 12th, 6-8pm
Dates:  Sept. 12th - Oct. 12th



Field Projects is proud to present our fall opener, Show #15: Four Lives, featuring current work by artists Courtney Childress, Gina Dawson, Eileen Maxson and Julia Sherman. This exhibition looks at personal history and history-making in the work of four NYC artists. It offers a snapshot of each artist in their current practice, as well as a glimpse of where their lives and artwork often blur.

Courtney Childress's work combines personal history with assemblage and sculpture. She works with ordinary materials; collecting, sorting, and preserving domestic debris such as old letters, to-do lists and candy wrappers, creating a resonate personal record of our littered lives. Gina Dawson's current installation, It is Impossible to Accommodate Everyone, comes from a series of humorous paper sculptures that respond to rejection letters from artists residency programs. This piece references the decision artists make to be ‘artists’ in the context of family, life, and death.

A child of the 90s, Eileen Maxson’s work compares 1990s attitudes toward individual virtue, consumerism and market society to our current climate in 2013. Working through the lens of the 1994 film, Reality Bites, Maxson recreated a scene from the film asking young female creatives to ‘define irony.’ A glimpse at her current practice, this video piece is still a work in progress.  Julia Sherman employs nontraditional research methods, feminist theory, and her own personal anxieties to create videos, photographs and texts that trace her movement through sticky political content. In, Here She Comes, Sherman examines our view of the beauty queen and forgotten resistance fomented in feminist protests and appropriations of the 1968 Miss America Pageant.