Show #14:
Trust In Me

Curated by Keri Oldham & Jacob Rhodes

Opening: Thursday, June 13th, 6-8pm
Dates: June 13rd - July 27th



David Abecassis   “Candles”

David Abecassis “Candles”


Join us Thursday, June 13th, for the opening of Field Projects Show #14: Trust In Me. The works in this exhibition were selected by Field Projects founders Keri Oldham and Jacob Rhodes from our third international Open Call. Twelve artists were selected for Show #14 based on themes that emerged in the process of reviewing more than 400 submissions.  The exhibition includes artists David Abecassis, Justin Baker, Eric Boucourt, Bubi Canal, John Cichon, Kharis Kennedy, Scott Lickstein, Christopher Moss, Jeremy Olson, Esther Ruiz, Jennine Scarboro, and Brian Willmont.

" Trust in meeee... is what Kaa the snake hissed to the man-cub Mowgli while attempting to hypnotize and then devour him.  In Show #14, the phrase is as entrancing and pointed, but it beckons in more directions than just down Kaa’s throat. Here the artists are asking you to follow their intuition and dissolve into their subconscious. Knowing that following another’s intuition is counter-intuitive, they simply whisper "Trust In Me. " You may be consumed at the end- but the trip will be exquisite.

In addition to the artists chosen for Show #14: Trust In Me, ten runners-up were selected and are highlighted on our website. These artists include, Adrian Hatfield, Charles Tisa, David Kearns, Debra Broz, Evan Reed, Holly Rhame, Karen Friedland, Lee Clarke, Renee Delosh, and Tim Best.