Show #48:

Sound and vision

Curated by Rachel Frank

Opening March 22nd, 6pm

Dates: March 22nd - April  21st, 2018



Courtney Puckett and Jessica Slaven



The linguistic sign unites, not a thing and a name, but a concept and a sound-image. The latter is not the material sound, a purely physical thing, but the psychological impression that it makes on our senses.                            -Ferdinand de Saussure


How do sounds become mental images? How does an object become a signifier?

Field Projects is pleased to present SOUND AND VISION: Courtney Puckett + Jessica Slaven curated by Rachel Frank in a two-person show exploring the relationship between sound, signifiers, image, and object.

Throughout the show, bold colors and textures weave, wrap, overlap, cut, and combine to punctuate quiet contemplative meditations.

In Jessica Slaven’s works, a sense of sound—a hum, a vowel vibration, the uncombined notes of a vocalization, or an internal potential language—is implied. Layering, sometimes even with the physical act of cutting, shifting, and weaving of physical colored patterns, captures acts like differential notes of an unknown personal language. Her technique implies a movement of unfolding or projecting, as if these forms were in the act of becoming. Meditative patterning elides the maker or person through form and color, creating an imprint on the senses. 

In the sculptural works of Courtney Puckett, cast-off parts of familiar mass-produced objects without authorship­—a clothing drying rack, a fan cover, or a roll of gift box ribbon—emerge from anonymity through the act of binding, wrapping and combining, sublating historically dismissed entities and practices to give voice to materiality. Installed on varying sized pedestals, these new configurations enter into conversation with each other and the viewer, luring and attracting, disguising and disrupting, engaging in a play of play of signifiers that reveals a community of things, rescued from the oblivion of memory, whose voices become audible through figure and gesture.