Pop-Up Show: Lauren Britton French Kiss

Lauren Britton  French Kiss  Installation

Lauren Britton French Kiss Installation

Dates: August 4th -- August 15th, 2015


Field Projects is pleased to present Lauren Britton: French Kiss, Pop-Up Show.


In painting diptychs, triptychs and now polyptychs Britton is curious about multiplicity; and the many gendered veils of information that are possible in the presentation of paintings and persons. Britton's Polyptychs take inspiration from Jan Van Eyck's alter piece The Ghent Altarpiece and like Van Eyck aim to put the viewer in Awe, not of the damnation of their eternal soul but in the wonders of the flesh, bone and sex.

Choosing acrylic paint for its relation to the shifts of bodily presentation. Britton notes that ‘having mastery over the paint feels like an allegory to having mastery over the presentation of my body and the body of my paintings’. In this way the paintings are made in a plastic space of transformation. Each piped gesture repeating the artist’s chosen symbols and leaving on the surface a potent, wet + sticky sensation.     

 FRENCH KISS is a prelude to Lauren Britton's solo show at Field Projects in 2017. Between the two shows Britton will attend Yale School of Art's Painting and Printmaking earning an MFA in May 2017. FRENCH KISS will mark this moment like a hickey: strong, bright, passionate and a glimpse into our second date.

Lauren Britton holds a BFA and BA from SUNY Purchase’s School of Art + Design, Purchase, NY. In January 2015 they presented a solo exhibition titled Physical Sun in conjunction with their residency at Studio Kura in Fukuoka, Japan. Recent group exhibitions include: Magic Praxis, curated by Clarity Haynes; 60 Minutes, curated by Courtney Childress and Double Double Visions Visions, curated by Christian Berman. Britton is ½ of the curatorial team for Improvised Showboat with Zachary Keeting. & Britton is looking forward to earning their MFA at Yale where they expect to have their ass kicked.