Jonathan Chapline:   Gradient Mesh Based Vector Portrait  , 2014

Jonathan Chapline: Gradient Mesh Based Vector Portrait, 2014

Show #25: Dear You

Curated by Olivia Smith

April 9 - May 16, 2015

Reception: Thursday, April 16, 6-8pm
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Jonathan Chapline, April Childers, Nicole Dyer, Yuhi Hasegawa, Matthew Hilvers, Zebadiah Keneally, Karen Lederer, Donald Mengay, Eliadiie Musaieva, Jack Bruml Norton, Esteban Ocampo Giraldo, Ellen Siebers, B. Thom Stevenson, Tony Toscani, and Tyler Weeks.

Dear You presents the work of fifteen artists whose paintings and sculptures approach the figure through graphic formalism and irreverent or disembodied portraiture. Achieving composition through bold color and pattern, repetitive shape and perspective these works represent a clear moment in time, framing the subject within the picture plane as if captured at close range. Depicted are scenes from everyday life, interiors, surreal landscapes, and half-constructed memories as well as the human face, eye, and hand. Sunglasses, Cheetos, cigarettes and pistols also make appearances through indulgent use of materiality.

Many of the images are constructed from the vantage point of the painter with acknowledgment of their own hand through physical representation. This reflexivity references not only the simple act of looking at art but also the practice of looking to the past for answers to unsolved problems. Shining with the obvious glint of Art History, the images construct our relationship to them and set up the inclusion of the viewer by providing an opportunity to experience the perspective of someone just outside the bounds of the image.

The works in this exhibition make it possible to consider looking without seeing, or touching without feeling, and vice versa. They exemplify the artist and critic Nora Griffin’s statement that painting is “a form of longing” enacted through time spent during the process of making art—a longing that is reciprocated by the viewer through sustained engagement.

An accompanying online exhibition includes works by Canyon Castator, Piotr Chizinski, Steve Shymob Danielson, Lyla Duey, Zoe Hawk, Maiko Kikuchi, Tyler Lafreniere, Steven Mykietyn, Amanda Nedham, David Shaughnessy, Edra Soto, and Leah Tacha.

Dear You was curated by Olivia Smith based on themes that emerged in the process of reviewing more than 3,500 artwork submissions. Smith is Director of Exhibition A: an online platform for contemporary art which creates and distributes new, signed limited edition prints in collaboration with artists on a weekly basis.

Esteban Ocampo-Giraldo
Coveñas, 2014
Oil on canvas 40 x 50 inches

April Childers
Eye Patch, 2012
Altered faux leather belt, air-dry clay, acrylic paint, rusty nail, faux metal sticker studs 11 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches 

Karen Lederer
Picasso Oggle, 2015
Oil and acrylic on panel 24 x 20 inches

Jack Bruml
Untitled, 2015
Oil on canvas 48 x 36 inches

Donald Mengay
Untitled, 2015
Glass beads and linen 7 x 11 inches

Yuhi Hasegawa
Yellow Hair, 2015
Oil on paper 11 x 14 inches 

Zebadiah Keneally
Flying Tiger Magic Carpet, 2014
Paper maché 120 x 60 x 12

Jonathan Chapline 
Virtual Character on a Hyperreal Surface, 2014
Oil on panel
53 x 43 inches 

Matt Hilvers
L. (but it’s ok), 2015
Oil, acrylic on canvas 26 x 36 inches

Tyler weeks
Commuters, 2014
Oil on canvas 48 x 52 inches

B. Thom Stevenson
Bootleg painting (women smoking in red), 2015
Oil enamel on canvas 48 x 60 inches

Jonathan Chapline
Gradient mesh based vector portrait, 2014
Oil on panel 40 x 40 inches

Eliadiie Musaieva
Utopayushij, 2014
Acrylic on canvas 24 x 24 inches

Tony Toscani
Love, 2015
Oil on linen 34 x 27 inches

Tony Toscani
Young Yeo (Dance in the Moon Forever, Gift of Flowers, Gift of Flame), 2014
Oil on linen 28 x 22 inches 

Ellen Siebers
Soft Nails, 2014
Oil on marble ground on shaped panel 11 x 11 inches $1,400 

Nicole Dyer
Dinner with Gabe, 2014
Acrylic on canvas 30 x 30 inches

Karen Lederer
Cheeto Zen, 2014
Oil and acrylic on panel 24 x 20 inches

Tyler weeks
Pine, 2014
Oil on canvas 39 x 48 inches

Jonathan Chapline
Repose, 2014
Oil on panel 26 x 24 inches