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Aaron Krach
The Author of This Book Committed Suicide, 2012
Library books, rubber stamp, action
Installation & documenation
$2000, edition of 3




Akutagawa        Ryunosuke            Rashomon; Cogwheels and Other Stories
Arenas               Reinaldo                Farewell to the sea; Before Night Falls
Arguedas           Jose Maria            The Fox from Up Above and The Fox from Down Below
Bell                     Gertrude               The Letters of…
Benedictsson     Victoria                 Money
Benjamin            Walter                   Selected Writings Volume 1, 2, and 3
Bernstein            Steven "Jesse"     I Am Secretly An Important Man
Berryman            John                     Delusions, Etc.; His Toy, His Dream, His Rest
Brautigan            Richard                 Willard and His Bowling Trophies
Celan                  Paul                       Collected Prose
Chang                 Iris                         Chinese in America
Crane                  Hart                       Collected Poems; White Buildings; The Complete
Crevel                 Rene                      Putting my Foot In It
Dazai                  Osamu                   Blue Bamboo; Crackling Mountain
de Nerval           Gerard                   Contes Y  Faceties
Debord               Guy                        Correspondance: The Foundation of the Situationist International
Deleuze              Gilles                     Foucoult; Empiricism and Subjectivity
Digges                Deborah                Rough Music; Trapeze
Ditlevsen            Tove                       Complete Freedom; and Other Stories
Egolf                   Tristan                    Kornwolf
Fletcher             John Gould            Selected Poems
Gary                   Romain                   Hocus Bogus
Gilman               Charlotte Perkins   The Crux; With Her in Ourland
Gray                   Spalding                 Monster in a Box; It's a Slippery Slope; Life Interrupted
Hedayat             Sadegh                   An Anthology
Hemingway       Ernest                      For Whom The Bell Tolls; Islands in the Stream; Under Kilimanjaro; Winner Takes Nothing
Hitler                   Adolf                       Mein Kampf; "Second Book"
Hoffman             Abbie                      Square Dancing in the Ice Age
Inge                    William                    Four Plays; Bus Stop; Four Plays; Where's Daddy?
Kane                   Sarah                      Complete Plays
Kawabata           Yasunari                  The Lake
Levi                     Primo                      If Not Now; When?; The Monkey's Wrench; A Tranquil Star
Lindsay               Vachel                    The Poetry of Vachel Lindsay; The Golden Book of Springfield
Lockridge, Jr.      Ross                       Raintree County
London               Jack                        Call of The Wild; To Build a Fire; The Assassination Bureau; Ltd.
Mann                  Klaus                       The Pious Man
Mishima             Yukio                       Silk and Insight
Pavese               Cesare                    Among Women Only; The Moon and The Bonfires
Petronius/Seneca                             Satyricon and Apocolocyntosis
Plath                   Sylvia                      The Bell Jar; Collected Poems
Quiroga              Horacio                  The Decapitated Chicken
Rector                 Liam                       The Executive Director of the Fallen World
Sexton                Anne                      Words for Dr. Y; Poetry of Redemption; The Complete Poems
Toole                  John                       Kennedy A Confederacy of Dunces
Wallace              David Foster          This Is Water; Consider The Lobster
Wetzsteon         Rachel                    Silver Roses
Williams             Charles                   All Hallow's Eve
Woolf                 Virginia                   The Voyage Out; To The Lighthouse; The Waves; Night and Day
Zweig                Stefan                     Fantastic Night & Other Stories