Curated by Kris Racaniello

Tues, Dec. 18th, 6:30pm.

Featured Filmmakers: Katy McCarthy, Joiri Minaya,

Rose Nestler, Mavi Philips, and Jennifer Reiland.

Hierophant Hysteria presents work by five female filmmakers. These films rupture the mirage of a smooth, canonical, singular female body in visual history. Instead, they present a plurality of perspectives, giving voice to the body, rejecting the conception of womanhood that generations of reclining nudes have created. The figures in the films of Hierophant Hysteria are energized, not complacent or recumbent. They are makers, hunters, athletes, protagonists, and doers. The women of these films stare back at the audience, calling on us to see the world with active eyes.

Works in show:
Mavi Philips, La Petite Mort: 10 min.
Rose Nestler, Gymnasia: 10 min.
Jennifer Reiland, La Voisin: 2 min.
Katy McCarthy, The Posers: 16 min.
Jennifer Reiland, Three of Cups: 4 min.
Joiri Minaya, Siboney: 10 min.