Show #10:
Your Face is a Landscape

Curated by
Sara Reisman & Reina Shibata 

Opening: Thursday, Dec. 13th 6-8pm
Dates: Dec. 13th - Jan. 26th

Brian Scott Campbell
Evie Falci
Kentaro Fujioka
Joy Garnett
Daniel Gerwin
Hilary Irons
Catherine Lan
Diane Meyer
Christopher Roberson
Julia Schwadron
Elisabeth Smolarz
Anita Sto
Edra Soto
Malgorzata Szandala
Kirsten Kay Thoen
Lumin Wakoa


Brian Scott Campell  “Night Night” , 2012

Brian Scott Campell “Night Night”, 2012


Join us Thursday, Dec 13th, for the opening of Field Projects Show #10: Your Face is a Landscape. The works in this exhibition were selected by guest curators Sara Reisman and Reina Shibata from our second international Open Call. Sixteen artists were selected for Show #10 based on themes that emerged in the process of reviewing more than 400 submissions.

As if under advisement by the Ouija, the curators were moved by several recurring symbols and themes in the pool of submissions that signify or document the human face and its absence, as well as surreal landscapes with unexpected layers of threading, pointillist dotting, and actual water. Between the face and the landscape, there are mirrors, masks, flowers, and the appearance of language-based and paranormal messages.  As when seen from an airplane, the landscape with its dunes, crevasses, slopes, and patches of green and brown can be perceived as being part of a larger, figurative whole, or the face of a spirit. In the words of Fleetwood Mac, “…I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills/ ‘Til the landslide brought me down.”

In addition to the artists chosen for Show #10: Your Face is a Landscape, thirteen runners-up were selected and highlighted on our website. These artists include, Stephen Barnwell, Oreen Cohen, Seth Cohen, Karen Lederer, Eric LoPresti, Jordan Kasey, Ramesh Pithiya, Justin Pollman, Ralph Pugay, Sausan Saulat, Denise Treizman, Bailey Scieszka, and Chris Victor.

Guest curators Sara Reisman and Reina Shibata are Director and Deputy Director (respectively) of New York City's Percent for Art program which commissions permanent artworks for City-owned public spaces throughout the five boroughs. Reisman is also an independent curator and writer who is the 2012-2013 guest curator at Forever & Today, Inc., and has organized nearly fifty exhibitions and projects in New York and elsewhere. Reina Shibata is a writer, researcher and curator who previously held positions at the RISD Museum, the Harvard Art Museum, and the Judd Foundation, where she pursued her interests in contemporary art and public access to art.

As an artist-run space, Field Projects is committed to opening the field and exhibition opportunities to other working artists through our semiannual Open Call to artists.  All of the submissions we receive are considered not only for a single group exhibition but also for shows throughout the year.  The theme of each Open Call is unscripted, allowing our guest curators free reign to choose the participants and thematic content of each unique show.