Show #33:

hang ten

First-year graduate student exhibition

from the Painting department at RISD


Afra Al Dhaheri
Susan Doe
Chris Goodale
Andrew Gordon
Laura Jasek
Hanna Kim
Elizabeth King
Timothy Lai    
Dominic Musa
Sofía Ortiz


OPENING: August 4th, 6-8pm

Dates: August 4th - 28th, 2016

Hours: Thurs-Sat, 12-6 p.m.


To hang ten is to balance at the front of a surfboard, toes curling over the edge and into the water, as a waves action stabilizes the back end of the board. These ten artists, in the middle of their Painting graduate program at the Rhode Island School of Design, are enjoying dipping their toes into instability: exploring new media, trying on new visions, and diving into this summer venture both as individuals and as a team. We collectively brainstormed this exhibition title, and we chose and arranged works to foreground the course each is daring to chart through the art-ocean. 

Karen Schiff