Paul Gagner "THE PORTABLE ARTIST", 2016, Oil on canvas, 40 x 32"

Show #32.5:

A series of moves


Presented at

Driscoll Babcock Galleries

525 W 25th Street, NY, NY 10001

June 28th - August 12, 2016

Featuring: Paul Gagner, Karen Lederer, Rachel Schmidhofer


Field Projects presents A Series of Movesan off-site exhibition at Driscoll Babcock Galleries and curated by Jacob Rhodes. A Series of Moves is a selection of young New York-based artists – Paul GagnerKaren Lederer, and Rachel Schmidhofer – who explore various realities of art making and present a tongue-in-cheek take on the everyday struggles of creative living through witty still-life compositions. Taken from Paul Gagner’s titular work, A Series of Moves references the practicality of creating a composition, with all three of the artists using a table, most often the studio table, as the setting for their wry take on the long history of still-life. These artists explore how their own movements through their artistic practice can result in a clever and self-reflective statement about art, art history and the role of the artist.

Gagner makes a blithe commentary about the history of art, juxtaposing references to monumental art movements and intellectual milestones with the unpretentious setting of a diner or the pool table of the local dive. Schmidhofer’s semi-abstracted views inhabit the intersection between art history and natural history, often taking cues from early modes of display to create scenes that are both quotidian and otherworldly. Similarly, Lederer applies a complex process that combines painting and printmaking to the everyday realities of her studio, showing us a houseplant in front of a reproduction of a Henri Matisse painting, or an assortment of snacks and books in front of sketches and works-in-process. A Series of Moves is a light-hearted and witty take on the artist navigating his or her role as cultural creator, while providing a poignant critique of the art world and contemporary American culture.

Karen Lederer, "HIPSTER WELLNESS", 2015, Oil and acrylic on panel, 30 x 40"

Paul Gagner, "A PERSONAL REMINISCENCE", 2015, Oil on canvas, 26 x 30"

Rachel Schmidhofer, "DRIFTWOOD", 2016, Oil on panel, 40 x 48"

Rachel Schmidhofer, CANDLE, 2016, Oil on panel, 18 x 14"

Rachel Schmidhofer, "PARTLY CLOUDY", 2016, Oil on panel, 23 ¾ x 29 ¾"

Rachel Schmidhofer "BIG BAD WOLF," 2015, Oil on panel, 24 x 20 inches


Karen Lederer, "IN SEARCH OF TRUE PAINTING", 2015, Oil, acrylic and watercolor on panel, 20 x 24"

Paul Gagner, "A SERIES OF MOVES", 2015, Oil on canvas, 26 x 30"

Karen Lederer, "YESTERDAY’S FLOWERS", 2016, Oil and acrylic on panel, 24 x 20