Show #23: Sojourn

Josh Blackwell
Maria Kozak
Aaron Krach
Andrea Legge
Lucia Simek
Amy Talluto
Alex Yudzon

Curated by Keri Oldham

Dates: November 13th - December 20th

OPENING: November 13th 6:00-8:00pm

Alex Yudzon

Alex Yudzon

Field Projects is proud to present Show #23: Sojourn, featuring work by artists Josh Blackwell, Maria Kozak, Aaron Krach, Andrea Legge, Lucia Simek, Amy Talluto and Alex Yudzon. This exhibition brings together seven artists whose work inspire wanderlust and take residence in worlds of their own creation. Their works range from landscape paintings, to maps, books, and objects native to unknown lands. The exhibition also examines the idea of ‘sojourns’ as something inherent to art-making and artists ability to ‘travel’ in the creation of their work.

Andrea Legge will be showing ‘reclaimed’ paintings of sprawling natural landscapes used to advertise heating and cooling units. Her pieces originate with an advertisement and then she slowly paints or erases any evidence of humans or the products they advertise. Lucia Simek will be showing a series of sculptures that resemble weaponry or tools meant for a snowy Nordic terrain. Her sculptures combine unexpected materials and textures that appear both utilitarian and from an undiscovered world.

Josh Blackwell’s work transforms lowly plastic bags into exquisitely hand-sewn wall sculptures. Intensely labored, colorful and intricately textured, his pieces often originate with plastic bags found blowing down the street or given to him by traveling friends. Maria Kozak’s paintings are inspired by nature and mystic experiences, her recent work depicts humans traversing strange lands and interacting with nature in uncommon ways. Aaron Krach’s work explores our connection -- both real and imagined -- to the war in Afghanistan. In his book, titled 4,582 Stars, he collects hundreds of reviews posted online by individuals who imagined staying at Osama Bin Laden's hideout in Pakistan.

Amy Talluto re-examines the traditions of landscape painting by depicting nature as is it rather than how it may seem in an advertisement. Often shadowy or angled, each piece also creates the feeling of a journey. Lastly, Alex Yudzon’s drawings are abstract rendering of maps and places unknown. His pieces carry with them the adventure of travel and wanderlust.