Lee Hong and Kim Jeyung

Pop-up Exhibition
Jan 3-7

 Opening Thurs. Jan 5, 6-8 PM


Field Projects is pleased to present an exhibition of works by Kim Jehyung and Lee Hong.


Kim Jehyung is an art director and graphic artist. Many of his professional projects and designs are based on his illustrations. He runs the design studio SAWORL in Seoul, South Korea, whose collaborators have included Samsung, Kia, UNICEF, and Adidas. In his first exhibition in New York, he is showing his personal works and several professional projects.

Lee Hong is the director of Design Radmon and a lecturer at Dong Seo University College of Design in Busan, South Korea. In his first exhibition in New York, Lee is exhibiting a series of prints, paintings, and drawings that meditate on the duplicity of human behavior. Lee writes, “Just as the languages that we speak have different and duplicate meanings behind them, each gesture made by our hands also has different and duplicate meanings that are beyond our knowledge.”