Show #1:
The Living Room

Curated by Keri Oldham & Colette Robbins

Opening: Friday, Dec.6th 6-8pm
Dates: Dec. 16th- Dec. 19th




Join us Friday December 16th for the inaugural opening of Field Project’s first exhibition The Living RoomThis exhibition considers the connotations, rituals, and personal narratives of our domestic spaces.  Curated by Keri Oldham and Colette Robbins, The Living Room features work by Andy Monk, Jacob Rhodes, Mariah Robertson, Colette Robbins, Scott Teplin, Heeseop Yoon and James J Williams III.

Coined in the 20th century, the ‘living room’ replaced traditional ‘parlours’ as a hipper, less formal room for entertaining. While contemporary living rooms have become far more utilitarian, they also remain symbolic and highly curated spaces. Whether consciously or unconsciously the furniture, clutter, and inheritance of objects we collect is a work-in-progress unto itself.

The Living Room, both refers to the history of the central space of a home as well as a room alive with its own systems of logic, memory, and human attachments.  Beyond fashionability or good ‘design,’ the places we live always serve a more private purpose. The artists in this exhibition consider living spaces in a variety of ways from the creation of a place of refuge, seduction, fantasy, or social status to family history and ritual. The most ordinary of living rooms is in fact a small shrine of mini-sculptures. Our magazine subscriptions building up in one corner, or a cherished photograph hanging on the wall come together to turn the 'living room' into a temple of small self-made meanings over time.

This exhibition presents work interested in domesticity and is arranged in a way that mimics a living space.  To challenge the usual sense of reserve felt in a gallery setting, artwork will be presented in a way that resembles the familiarity of a home.