ONLINE EXHIBITION show #35:Julie Spoke Softly Under Her Long, Skinny Nose

An online exhibition in conjunction with Show #35: Julie Spoke Softly Under Her Long, Skinny Nose


Dates: Nov 3-Dec 10, 2016


Selected by Paulina Bebecka and the Field Projects Panel: Jacob Rhodes, Rachel Frank, Jason Mones, Katrina Slavik, and Bria Whitney


Featuring work by: Laura Bernstein, Claudia Bitran, Paul Brainard, David Chan, Andrew Chan, Jason Dunda, Angela Heisch, Janet Hill, Allison Hornak, Timothy Hoyt, Cindy Ji Hye Kim, Junsung Kim, Kirstin Lamb, Eric Legris, Sarah Moran, Anne Muntges, Dana Robinson, Samantha Sethi, Tom Smith, Allison Stinley, Kirsten Thoen and Jennifer Viola.


In conjunction with Show #35: Julie spoke softly under her long skinny nose, Field Projects presents an online exhibition of artists selected by the Field Projects’ panel from the open call. Reflecting the strength and range of submissions, the online exhibition provides an additional opportunity for Field Projects to highlight strong work by emerging and mid-career artists, working in New York City and across the country.


Allison Hornak

"A Struggle (A Painting in Two Acts)" / twelve-hour action in two parts with wood, rope, earth, acrylic, water, brushes, palette knives, cotton shirt, denim pants, glass and plastic containers / size variable

Paul Brainard

"All for Themselves After All"

Kristin Lamb

"Never Punk, 2016"/ Gouache on Paper on Panel/ 11 x 14"

Kirsten Thoen  

"Metronome"/ American black walnut, photo-transparancy films, plexiglass, electronic components
7" x 9" x 22.5"

Andrew Chan

"Cubby House"/ silk screen and digital print/ dimensions variable

Tom Smith

"Tongue & Cheek"/ Strips of cut and collaged paper on panel/ 20" X 24"

Jason Dunda

From the series "Various Incidents." gouache on paper, approx. 11x15” each, with wooden stand and velvet sandbags.

Anne Muntges

"I need Cock"/ Ink on Paper/ unframed 5"x7", framed 11"x14"

Sarah Moran

"Something to Talk About"/ oil on canvas/ 72 x 48 in

David Chan

"Somewhere Else"/ Inkjet print hanging from ceiling, rainbow projection using flashlight and dvd / 40" x 96"

Janet Hill

From "I Think I Married The Back of Your Head At Least It Doesn't Yell Much" series: Throw me the idol; I'll throw you the whip! / Oil on canvas and velvet wrapped upholstery foam, plastalina, yarn, reed / Dimensions variable

Alison Stinely

"Rib Meat" / Oil on Panel / Polyurethane Foam, Epoxy Resin, Latex Enamel / 61" x78"x 24"

Timothy Hoyt

"Blinded Samson" / Oil on Canvas / 16" x 20"

Samatha Sethi

"Paver II" / cement, resin, polystyrene foam, sand, dirt, charcoal, acrylic / 12"x12"x6"

Eric Legris

"Circles"/ wool, polyester, cotton, aluminum / 12" X 22"

Jennifer Viola

"Looking at Art, 2016"/ Gouache, pencil, watercolor on paper/ 38 x 50 in.


Dana Robinson

"Mommy's Tired- 01"/ Carpet padding, clothing fabric, lace, acrylic paint/ 25" x 23"

Cindy Ji Hye Kim

"Dinner Table"/ Charcoal and graphite on paper/ 14 in x 11"

Angela Heisch

"Submarine"/ acrylic on wood panel, 10"x10"

Claudia Bitran/ "Intros"/ mixed media animation

Junsung Kim/ "whitney whitney"/ HD video/ 21min

Laura Bernstein/"Panotti, Forest" / HD video/ 3:15