Show #7:
Sunday Paintings for a Rainy Day

Curated by Hein Koh

Opening: Thursday, Sept. 13th 6-8pm
Dates: Sept. 13th - Sept. 29th




Eric Hibit,   Gay Tears  , 2012

Eric Hibit, Gay Tears, 2012


Join us Thursday, September 13th, for the opening of Field Projects Show #7: Sunday Paintings for a Rainy Day, which includes work by Gina Beavers, Eric Hibit, Irena Jurek, Ted Mineo, and Ann Toebbe, curated by Hein Koh.

A “Sunday painter” paints pictures as a hobby, an activity strictly relegated to leisure time, hence on Sundays. Often self-taught or minimally trained, the term is derisive and divisive amongst those who are more professional and schooled, since it connotes a less “serious” painter. While at first glance the work in Sunday Paintings for a Rainy Day may have the look of such - embracing folk, outsider art or downright wackiness - upon closer inspection the work is layered, sophisticated and operates from a conceptual standpoint. However, it is never dry or too smart for its own good. While each artist in the show assumes the role of a professional artist, like Sunday painters they share an unadulterated joy of creating pictures which is the primary impetus for their work. When making art for a living it can be easy to lose sight of the pleasure of making art for its own sake. These five artists wholeheartedly maintain the joy while exercising the self-criticality necessary to make a great work of art.